Prado provides complete house keeping facilities for offices. The services ore designed to provide your employees fresh, clean and germ free environment. Each office is assigned to an executive with the responsibility of directly supervising operations. Prado employs modern tools and making work areas healthy and attractive for your staff to walk in and work.

Though cleaning industry has come a long way, still a lot remains to be done in this industry. We at Prado have lot of determination, dedication, discipline and a strong will to implement the changes required in this industry to take the standards one generation ahead. As we are not looking at present scenario but are planning how the industry would shape in the next ten years, we possess a very strong yet practical vision and strength.

We are sure that with this kind of home work done, we can be an excellent service provider and business associate for you.


  • Our view points is very clear and specific to provide best of our services to our clients.
  • In-house training and upgradation capability to counter any specific problem.
  • Trained and committed work force.
  • Continuous training up to the level of Managers after every 3 months.
  • Adequate machine infrastructure to give mechanized cleaning solutions.
  • As the end difference is the mind set and availability of management, we are proud that our management would always remain on 1 to 1 contact with all our clients as well as with our employees.
  • As connectivity is essential aspect in today‚Äôs fast moving world, all our Supervisors, Managers, Office Control Room are well connected to counter any problem regarding communication on site.
  • All our people are paid as per the rules and regulation of Contract Labour Act.
  • For the first time in Industry, We are making the Target Response Time as an integral part of our SLA, Where we would be in agreement with the client, to fix minimum response time to counter 10 major problems in housekeeping operations.
  • We are the first diversified service provider, who can provide standards from 1 to 5 levels, depending on availability or constraints on the budgets.