Our specialised investigation cell discreetly, professionally and confidentially investigates corporate, personnel and personal cases. Personnel cases which require human approach such as infidelity, matrimonial matters, divorce cases, child and drug abuse, which usually are not reported to the lawful authorities due to obvious reasons, are handled by our Investigation cell in a very discreet and caring manner. Our detective services include:-

Corporate Intelligence

Evaluating capabilities, weaknesses and reputation of potential or existing clients, developing entry strategies in the markets, learning enough about the competition, maximizing opportunities for success and development of major contracts.

Investigation into Violation of Proprietary Rights/Brand Protection

Investigation to seek out the origin of spurious/similar products, get raiding warrants and conduct raids with the help of related authorities, develop market research programmers for information about the spurious products.

Asset and Fraud Investigations

Programmers designed for risk assessment, advisory services and country profiles, tracking assets in case of loan defaults, insolvencies, and litigation assessments