Don’t wait until you are victimized. Nothing is more valuable than the well being of Your organization/family and the integrity of your establishment/home. When a criminal breaks into your organization/home, the loss can never be compensated and it will have a lasting emotional effect. At Prado, we know security is not the thing to take lightly.

Especially when it comes to the safety of your home or business. That is why so many people rely on the quality of our security systems. Whether you are present or away, you should be assured that your business is secure. We have been providing security solutions for many years. In our experience people realize that they are vulnerable to the undesirable elements of society but procrastinate in taking the simple action required to protect themselves. Don’t be one of them.

Systems Integrator

Complex variety of similar products and assortment of features, make selecting the right security product suitable for the unique threat perception of a given terrain a difficult task. As a system integrator, Prado always chooses manufacturer’s products objectively, selects equipment which is best suited for the respective system solution and the customer’s specific threat profile.

Security System Sensors

Passive Infrared dual technology motion sensors. Vibration, Glass break, Beam and Gas detectors. Wired or wireless alarm panel.

24 Hrs. Alarm Monitoring Control

We monitor your alarm system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Including burglary, fire and medical alarm signals. Various levels of response available.

Access Control Systems

Residential and Commercial systems. Magnetic stripe, Proximity control and Biometrics technology. Stand – alone or PC based. Various doors Hardware available including Coded Card Door Locks for all types of doors. Strict measures to control access are necessary to prevent unauthorised people from entering a site, building or area having classified or sensitive material.

Video Door phone system

One-way video, two way audio communication. With infrared light built in to “see” in station. Built in Push button for electrical lock door opener.

Intruder Warning Systems

Wired or wireless system from 4 till 128 zones. All system can incorporate multi sensor technologies, We install only U L and C E approved equipment. An IDS is exactly what its name implies it detects the intruder. If the system works well, the intruder can be detained before he can get into the protected area.

Fire Alarm System

U L&U LC approved supervised fire panels from 2 upto 128 zones. For institutional, Commercial and Industrial occupancies.

Security Alarms

Absolutely magic, no wire no installationmonitors every window and door. Protect a room or even an entire house. CE approved.

Closed Circuit TV Systems

From basic one camera B/w to multi-cameras colour systems. Wireless. VHS tope or Hard Disc time lapse recording from 3 hrs. to 30 days recording.

Fire Safety Services

One of the best preparations one can have to handle an emergency situation is to have studied the general aspects of the situation before it happens. All the major disasters that have happened in the recent past, remind us that the people involved did not know what to expect and so had wrong plans and committed errors in their operating procedures during fire fighting. Fire safety in high-rise buildings is very crucial. Fire claims huge loss of lives and property in the High Rise Buildings every year.