Catering to the demands of a community which has come to expect a very high standard in the provision of facility management and services of a high degree of professionalism and dedication. Prado meets the customers wants in a cost effective manner ensuring optimization of resource use.

We provide quality support services based on individual client needs, and work in partnership with the client to develop safe and high quality facilities. Specially in the Facility Management Business we know that “bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten”

We as facility business managers push for product or more service at less cost. As a company PRADO understands the security market at all levels. PRADO’s objectives are and will ‘ always remain to provide Client satisfaction through focusing on specific products applications and services. This has been achieved by hard work and sincerity of people.

Prado is today recognised as a quality service provider, whether related to supply of equipments, installation or maintenance of various systems. With dedicated maintenance team of highly trained engineers & technicians, who are vetted honestly and confidentially, we take pride in maintaining the system and ensure proper functioning.

The Prado control room is manned 24 hours and is always accessible to our customers for registering their complaints over telephone. Our wide network allows to offer quick customer response.

Offices / Building Maintenance

Maintenance of your system requires clear and complete understanding of technical details. Prado has experienced engineers to plan and execute maintenance activities. We provide technically qualified maintenance activities and personnel for routine, planned and preventive maintenance. We have experience in Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC systems.

Outsource Manpower/Recruitment Services

The Manpower management division is uniquely placed to bring highly qualified staff for direct placement or placement on contract basis.
A contract placement arrangement will permit you to get quality manpower on the payroll of Prado.

Landscaping/Environment Maintenance

Prado provides complete house keeping facilities for offices. The services are designed to provide your employees a fresh and germ free environment.
Each office is assigned to a trained executive with the responsibility of directly supervising operations. Prado employs modern tools and materials, making congenial atmosphere further healthy and attractive work place for your staff.

Cash Management

In keeping with the changing face of commercial security, Prado Cash Management Services (CMS), has taken on itself the responsibility to protect your precious valuables-the Prado way.